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"Dr Jake Schmutz and his staff are wonderful! Having the opportunity to seek a natural and non-surgical approach to facilitate the body healing itself is wonderful. One of the side benefits is sharing experiences and knowledge with other patients in the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and supportive!"

- Bill Colbert


"I would like everyone to know that I'm beginning to feel like a new person. I have gone from 8 yrs of pain beyond that which I can bear to actually feeling a euphoric wellness feeling that signals healing. Its like spring twice for me right now. I have waited a long time to feel this way again. There were days when I thought I was close to the edge. I was stumped on where to turn fearing getting stuck on some maintenance pill for life. I am a firm believer there's a natural cure for everything. Ive been naturally trying to heal with the help of other natural professionals. It helped a bit but still no movement forward to anything permanent. Until I found out about Integrative Medicas' Dr. Jake Schmutz. A very intelligent and well rounded doctor that seems to really know a lot about healing the human body. You can tell he's honest and is not about long term maintenance if not necessary. So far its month #3 for me on my plan and its looking good-feeling good. I feel lucky to have found Integrative Medica."

- Rob Laudemann


"They really care about you. And they treat the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms. I had numbness and tingling throughout my body it affected my balance strength and "performance" within a few treatments I felt like a new man."

Adrian Lebaron


"I am a new patient to integrative medica! for the last three months so far its been a positive experience , and Dr. Schmutz has been a very pleasant individual and his knowledge on my adrenal fatigue syndrome is phenomenal! i was amazed in what little time i started seeing results ! words can not describe how happy i am to see little by little my energy coming back! that a while ago was completely gone! I live in Nevada and its definitely worth the drive !"

- Jeanette Santander


"Infertility. It's always been one of my worst fears. So, you can only imagine after over a year of trying to get pregnant with my second child, I was emotionally and physically stressed. I didn't want to face the conventional route of drugs, tests, and prodding. I've always tried to live a clean and natural life. So, when I heard about the alternative treatments that Dr. Schmutz offered, I was relieved and eager to try a natural approach. It was a miracle. Just a simple hormone balancing herb, and three months later I was pregnant with my second. Now, two years later, we have a surprise! A third daughter on the way!"

- Sara

Seattle WA


"For years I have been looking for a medical doctor capable of effectively treating me without strong drugs and side effects, and I have tried more than a few. It is exciting to me to have found a doctor trained in gentle and effective natural healing methods.  I have found that my body responds best to this natural approach  and I have had amazing results. I have finally found just what I've been looking for in Dr. Schmutz.

"The chronic issues I have had with autoimmune and digestive issues have been healed as I have followed his prescribed protocol.  I look and feel years younger. The aches and pains and fatigue are a thing of the past. I'm in my late fifties now and I actually feel better than I did in my thirties. Who says that feeling tired and stiff is normal and acceptable at my age?  Not me, I know better."

- Rosemarie


"Two years ago I woke up with severe lower back pain so intense I could not walk for three days.  It eventually subsided to where I had periodic bouts of pain preventing me from walking at various times during the day, but the annoying pain was continuous.  I went to a Chiropractor and the x-rays showed I had degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the back. I thought “what” I am only 60!  I then commenced having regular Chiropractic adjustments and TENS treatments.  After 2 years of weekly chiropractor therapy and daily back exercise routines my pain continued to persist never going away. Being adverse to surgery and pain drugs, it was a God send to encounter Doctor Schmutz and his integrative medical approach towards pain relief. After only four sessions of neural prolotherapy over a two month period my back pain is now completely gone.  I am standing straight and my mobility has returned to my younger days. I was amazed at Doctor Schmutz medical knowledge and genuine care and individual interest in my cure. I cannot give justice to my gratitude in being pain free. Thank you Doctor Schmutz.  I am a new man."

- Dale J



"I have struggled with my health for more than 10 years. I went to different doctors, specialists, friends and family. I was diagnosed with stress, depression, Lyme disease, Chronic fatigue, anemia, it was in my head, but mostly was told I was totally normal on bloodwork and all other tests. I read every book I could get my hands on still and was still left without any answers. It was a very challenging and difficult time. I really started believing that I would just have to struggle on a daily basis just to do basic tasks with headaches, body pain, joint pain, and memory problems. As a mother with children, this was difficult to accept. I feel so blessed to be able to receive help from Dr. Schmutz. He was knowledgeable, kind and professional. After meeting with him, he was able to give me a solid diagnosis and the regimen I needed to use to improve my health! I couldn't believe that my condition was so easily overlooked by so many doctors. After three days of being on a special diet, I woke up feeling better than I had in years. IN YEARS!!! It was that morning that I knew all the health complications I had in my life were from diet allergies, like Dr. Schmutz had said. Since this event, I have told numerous people that I know about Dr. Schmutz. I feel extremely confident that he will do all things possible to help those who come to him. I am so grateful to him and all he has done for me. He gave me my life back!!"
- Kelly M.
Bountiful, UT

"It wasn’t that long ago that I could barely move my body, and wondered if I would be able to continue to use the toilet myself. I was in a lot of pain every day. It was a difficult thing for both me and loved ones. "



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"Early last summer I experienced a four-week long bout of diarrhea. I first visited an urgent care clinic and they were unable to find the cause of my symptoms. My next step was to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. One colonoscopy later, I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. I was offered medications aimed at reducing symptoms and controlling flare-ups. I respectfully declined the meds and made an appointment with Dr. Schmutz. "


Construction Scheduler / Software Training

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" My search for answers to restore my health began after illness caused me to quit my job and lose my quality of life. I have been healthy most of my life until I found myself working to the point of exhaustion due to under-staffing at work. I began having a lot of symptoms. I was experiencing frequent episodes of severe weakness and pain in my lower back that made it difficult to stand. The pain was so strong that I had to take extra breaks at work and even leave early some days. I had no energy to do anything at home or for my family. "


Nutrition Services Specialist

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"A couple of weeks before leaving for our Cruise to Panama, I was lying in bed one morning and felt pain in my left breast, and found a lump.   Can you imagine what went through my mind? I got up and got ready for work. That morning I called my doctor’s office and he was on vacation, but they got me in with another doctor. Immediately I was set up for a mammogram at the hospital. "


Accounts Payable, Electric Supply Company


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