Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has on the body is quite simple, but extremely powerful. All mechanisms in the body depend on oxygen to function, so if there is decreased oxygen delivery to certain areas of the body that area starts to present with symptoms. For example, if there is decreased oxygen delivery to the brain people start experiencing memory loss, brain fog, depression, anxiety, tremors, neuropathy and much more.

So, what causes decreased oxygen delivery to the body? A few causes are: aging, inflammation, injury, chronic stress to just name a few. These causes lead to the capillaries narrowing and this leads to decreased amount of red blood cells that can deliver oxygen to tissues that need it. This eventually leads to severe symptoms like fatigue, headaches, decreased memory, chronic pain, behavioral issues etc.

What's so great about hyperbaric oxygen therapy is when the body is in a hyperbaric environment oxygen infuses directly into the plasma of the blood (water portion of the blood), so it doesn't matter how narrow the capillary is, oxygen is able to be delivered the tissue deprived of oxygen and it is able to heal and regenerate again.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy can be a good choice for treating:

Anti-aging - Hyperbaric therapy helps regenerate tissue and blood vessels by stimulating new production of blood vessels right where the circulation is compromised. This helps with damage and maintaining elasticity of the skin.

Diabetes - Hyperbaric therapy helps regenerate tissue and blood vessels by stimulating new production of blood vessels which helps a number of issues such as, preventing organ failure, helps increase cellular sensitivity to insulin, skeletal muscle reception of glucose, and helps improve circulation and wound healing.

Sport injuries - Inflammation and pain are known to play primary roles in recovery when it comes to athletes. Hyperbaric therapy has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Hyperbaric therapy also increases fibroblast/collagen activity to accelerate healing from wounds and surgery.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) - Hyperbaric therapy can help in the recovery from a traumatic brain injury by helping decrease inflammation, increase brain activity, and increase the oxygen supply in the brain.

Inflammation - There have been numerous studies that have reported chronic inflammation in diseases such as: Alzheimer's, Atherosclerosis, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, and many more. Hyperbaric therapy has been proven to substantially reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Cerebral Palsy - 1 in 303 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy every year. Hyperbaric therapy has been shown to improve function of Cerebral Palsy patients by enhancing neurological repair and regeneration of the damaged brain tissue.

Autism - Hyperbaric therapy is an emerging treatment to help reduce the effects of ASD. Hyperbaric therapy works by enhancing brain healing and repair. ASD patients that have received Hyperbaric therapy have seen improvements in eye contact, movement and walking, language ability, sleep patterns, social skills, reduced aggression, reduced GI issues, decreased inflammation, and enhanced nutritional absorption.

Neurology - Hyperbaric therapy has had new evidence showing how it has helped patients regain neurological activity and functionality. Hyperbaric therapy provides the brain with increased levels of oxygen that helps repair and recover brain tissue, increases stem cell growth, and improve cognitive function.

Cancer - Hyperbaric therapy is currently being used in conjunction with conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, to attain the best results. Cancer thrives in hypoxic environments, and Hyperbaric therapy has been shown to increase oxygen levels and decrease hypoxia. Hyperbaric therapy has also been shown to decrease tumor drug resistance, reduce radiation and chemotherapy side effects, prevent infection, and more.


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