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When it comes to treating cancer, you deserve access to the most effective personalized treatment options, along with compassionate medical support. At Integrative Medica in Salt Lake City, Utah, naturopathic physicians Jake Schmutz, NMD and Joshua Hersh NMD, and their team offer integrative oncology — a valuable combination of alternative medical therapies that can be used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. From high-dose Vitamin C IV to IV glutathione, ozone therapy, and healthy lifestyle changes, Jake Schmutz, NMD and Joshua Hersh NMD provide a plethora of integrative oncology treatments to improve your health and quality of life. Explore integrative oncology and call Integrative Medica or click to book online.

Integrative Oncology Q & A

What is integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology involves the use of alternative, holistic, and complementary therapies to assist with the treatment of cancer. Integrative oncology effectively integrates alternative and conventional medicine options to treat cancer, relieve or diminish symptoms, and enhance wellness, mindset, and quality of life.

Integrative oncology involves looking at the whole body as one interconnected system. With integrative oncology at Integrative Medica, our providers look at your physical and emotional symptoms and provides treatment options to boost your immune system and enhance your physical and emotional strength and resilience.

The right alternative therapies can assist you during and after your conventional cancer treatment. Integrative oncology also involves preventive treatments to keep the cancer from returning.

Why would I choose integrative oncology?

You might choose integrative oncology for several reasons, such as to:

  • Relieve stress during cancer treatment
  • Help manage symptoms, such as fatigue and pain
  • Improve the efficacy of your cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation
  • Reduce the side effects of certain conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy

You might also be interested in integrative oncology if you prefer more natural options that are focused on strengthening and supporting your body and your immune system in addition to helping treat cancer.

Integrative oncology is often a good choice for those who haven’t responded well to conventional therapies, such as radiation.

What treatments are involved in integrative oncology?

Our providers and their team work hard to identify the potential causes of your cancer through a comprehensive evaluation, physical exam, and lab testing. Dr. Schmutz then designs a personalized treatment plan that might include several therapies, such as:

  • Ozone therapy
  • Mistletoe therapy
  • IV glutathione
  • IV artesunate
  • High dose IV Vitamin C
  • IV glycyrrhizic acid
  • IV vitamin mineral bags
  • Ultraviolet blood irradiation
  • Botanical medicine
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Healthy lifestyle changes, such as stress and sleep management
  • Medical nutrition
  • Osseous and soft tissue manipulation

Our providers takes time to explain your integrative oncology options and help you decide what’s best.

What are the benefits of integrative oncology?

Integrative oncology provides myriad benefits, such as:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Focus on improving quality of life and managing pain and symptoms
  • Focus on boosting the immune system and supporting detoxification pathways
  • Supporting your body’s natural systems and processes
  • More natural treatment options, such as natural vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants
  • Gentler treatment options with fewer risks and side effects
  • A compassionate naturopathic doctor who you’re familiar with

For exceptional, personalized integrative oncology, visit Integrative Medica and click or call today.