Lyme Disease


Chronic Lyme Disease is caused by Borrellia Burgdoferia.Chronic lyme is many times accompanied by other concomitant pathogens like Babesia, EBV, CMV, HSV, Strep and many others. It is usually transmitteed by a tick, but their is recent research it may occur through other means. Chronic lyme can be a very debilitating disease because the infection can affect most organs and systems in the body for example the nervous, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease:
Fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, numbness and tingling, weakness, headaches, heart issues (pain, irregular heart rate), constipation, depression, anxiety, and Bell’s Palsy symptoms can occur.

Treatment Approach and Integrative Medica:
The physicians at Integrative Medica work at eliminating the infections involved with chronic lyme disease, but this is just a piece of the treatment in helping patients with lyme recover. We work at identifying what systems of the body have been injured and work on healing those systems like healing the nervous system, balancing neurotransmitters, balancing hormonal imbalances, GI Repair, increasing cardiovascular function etc. If you don’t heal the body while killing the infections patients don’t fully recover and many times the infections will continue to come back. Treatment is always tailored specific for each patient. No patient with chronic lyme is treated exactly the same, because chronic lyme affects everyone differently.

Procedures effective and treating chronic lyme Disease:
High I.V. Vitamin C
Ultraviolet blood irradiation
Ozone Therapy
I.V. glutathione
I.V. amino acid therapy
I.V. vitamin and mineral therapy
Stem Cell Therapy


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