Chronic Disease


Any disease that lasts longer than 3-6 weeks is considered a chronic disease. Suppressing the symptoms of an acute disease (disease of less than 3 weeks) with medication is very effective. This does not work well with chronic diseases for a number of reasons. Suppressing the symptoms with medication does not treat the cause and leads to the condition worsening over time. To treat chronic diseases effectively a physician must stimulate the innate healing mechanisms of the body and identify the cause of the disease.

Our patient's review:

"I’m a dad of three and have been married for 16 years. My health journey began several years ago as I started to feel the effects of aging and the stress of providing for a young and growing family. I was so focused on work and kids that I didn’t put much of a priority on personal health. As time went on and the demands of family and professional life began to increase, I started to eat more unhealthy foods and stopped exercising. This lethargic lifestyle began to take its toll and before I knew it, I was faced with a variety of health issues including weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia, and kidney stones."


Vice President, Healthcare IT Company

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