PRP Hair Restoration


If you have ever heard of the term ‘vampire facial’ or PRP Skin Rejuvenation treatment then you are familiar with the natural therapy that uses your own blood to restore a youthful appearance. What’s not as well known, is that your own blood can also be used to treat hair loss. Your blood contains platelets, which are full of growth factors. In our office these platelets and growth factors can be removed from your blood and used to stimulate regrowth of your own hair follicles. Through the regeneration of your hair follicles, you start to regrow your own hair that you used to have.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections can be used to naturally restore your hair. At our Salt Lake City medical office we offer PRP Hair Rejuvenation treatment suitable for women and men. Take advantage of your own bodies healing capabilities through using your own platelets which will regenerate your skin and hair follicles. Our Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is growing in demand schedule an appointment today to secure your spot with one of physicians today!

How Does PRP Hair Rejuvenation Work?

PRP Hair Rejuvenation works by targeting hair loss areas and stimulating hair follicles that aren’t working how they should to encourage hair growth. This treatment doesn’t only treat pattern baldness but it also improves thinning, aged hair. PRP hair regrowth treatment brings back the lustre, shine, and thickness of your thinning hair. Fix the signs of aging shown through thinning hair with PRP Hair treatment.

PRP is an exciting, non-surgical, natural option for our patients looking for hair growth rejuvenating solutions. We have had to opportunity to help both male and female patients dealing with hair loss with great results. PRP hair loss treatment can be used for bald patches, thinning hair by increasing hair count, and increasing hair thickness.

Benefits of PRP Hair Rejuvenation

The number of PRP hair regrowth treatments needed varies from patient to patient. You may see results within a few days, but the best results occur after several months. And you may require one or more treatments within the year.

  • Natural hair loss therapy
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Increase hair growth
  • Increase hair thickness
  • Speed up growth phase of hair cycle
  • No adverse allergic reaction as the treatment uses your own blood
  • No Recovery downtime
  • Treatments takes 60 minutes or less
  • Affordable and cost-effective when compared to surgery
  • Natural looking end results

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss

Our patients think PRP Therapy is a great option to relieve the complication of hair loss because it is an all-natural procedure performed for hair stimulation. This therapy has been used for a long time in treating orthopedic issues or dental complications. It has been recently introduced in the medical cosmedic community in the use of hair regeneration. It was quite simple. If PRP can help with regeneration of ligaments, cartilage, tendons why can’t it work by stimulating the hair follicle. And this is exactly what the research has shown that it increases hair follicle regeneration.

What Are the Side Effects?

The use of needles and blood may sound gruesome or painful, the treatment is only mildly uncomfortable. Our patient rarely require any type of numbing agent, because the needles used are so small.. Pain that might occur shortly after the treatment is usually a feeling of heat at the treated area. And can be alleviated a simple analgesic. It is a good idea to not blow dry or color your hair for the few days after the treatment.


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