Jeaneen B Story Continued


"A couple of days later they received the results and found something on the X-Ray, so they immediately ordered an Ultrasound. The radiologist said there was definitely an abnormality there so he wanted to do a biopsy right then and there. I don’t remember but I think I had to wait a couple of days for the biopsy to come back.

It was CANCER.

They then set up an appointment for me with a surgeon.   My husband, and I went into the surgeon’s office and consulted with him. He was awesome. I really liked him. At that time we told him that we had this Cruise planned to the Panama Canal. We were planning on leaving on Sunday of that week. He said, “Let me call my Head of Oncology and see if he thinks it’s ok to go on your trip”.   The Head of Oncology said, “Yes, by all means, go on your trip and we will start treatment when you return”. The surgeon said it would be okay also, but was glad that he checked with the Head of Oncology for affirmation. He also told me they liked to do 3 months of chemo therapy and radiation before the surgery to shrink the tumor. Soon after I had an appointment with the Oncology Doctor they had set me up with.   We told her about our trip and she said by NO means should I go on this trip and that we needed to start treatment immediately. She gave me prescriptions for Port Cream and medications for pain.

We were not prepared to go right into treatment, and felt like we needed to go on our trip. Number one it was a lot of money to lose and number two the surgeon and Head of Oncology told us it would be okay. Anyway, I needed time for all this to process. We went on our trip and while we were gone, our son, who lost his 5 year old daughter to cancer a few years back, found Dr. Schmutz. Our son, felt like his daughter died more from the chemo-therapy treatments than the cancer itself. So, when we arrived home, we made an appointment with Dr. Jacob Schmutz.

What a blessing in our lives that we found him. When we first met, he immediately put me at ease. I felt like he had told me more about my cancer than the oncologist.  All she wanted to do was get treatment started before I could say “No.”   Needless, to say, I did three months of Vitamin C Treatments and UBI’s with Dr. Schmutz. Yes, they were hard, every 3 weeks I would have a Vitamin C Treatment and other weeks a UBI. The Vitamin C treatments would take 3 to 4 hours for 75 units to drop into my system intravenously. Yes, I was dizzy and would have nausea right after for a while. Then I felt exhausted for about 24 hours, but, most people I understand don’t feel this way.   After that I felt wonderful. It gave me tons of energy and a good outlook on life. Three months later I had the surgery and the lump was removed. They did not have to remove my whole breast, just a lumpectomy, because the tumor had shrunk so much. After, surgery I went back to Dr. Schmutz for a few more treatments.

I have been cancer free for 3 years now. I would recommend going to Dr. Schmutz to anyone who has breast cancer. He’s not only a great Doctor but, a great person, along with the rest of his office staff. They were all very professional and very personable. Thank you to Dr. Schmutz and Rose Marie and the rest of the staff at Integrative Medica! I will never forget you."



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