MANDY J Story Continued


"In the summer of 2016, I started to experience tenderness, pain, and stiffness in my upper arm, shoulder, and neck area. I assumed it was the result of swinging like a monkey from the trees onto a trampoline while vacationing at some cabins with my family. As time passed, and I expected to begin to feel better, but didn’t, I wondered if something more than minor muscle strain was going on.

At the referral of a neighbor, I visited a manual therapist to see if she could do something to promote the tissue and muscle healing I wasn’t finding yet. I started to feel a little better in my upper body, but then I started to feel the same type of pain, tenderness, and stiffness in my knees and feet. My thought was, “Why didn’t I feel this lower body pain sooner, like the upper body pain?” I asked my manual therapist if this was normal and she said “no.”

It was only a few days after my last visit to the manual therapist that I noticed that my upper body was in pain again. My wrists and hands were now “on fire” and I was struggling to even lift up the corner flap of my bed sheet at night to re-position it over my body.

After describing the symptoms to my sister, she thought it was gout. And since I have an uncle on each side of my family tree who has had issues with gout, I scheduled a visit to my primary care physician to find out for sure. He ran some blood tests and the results showed that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. To help, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and referred me to a rheumatologist. However I immediately decided I wanted to try another route. My cousin had a very long and unsuccessful experience with a life threatening disease that mainstream was unable to resolve. Not until he found Dr. Tennant in Texas, who was trained in both traditional and alternative medicine, was my cousin able to finally heal and function in his life again.

Knowing what I learned from my cousin and his family experiences with Dr. Tennant, and hearing all of the frightful side effects of popular Rheumatoid Arthritis pharmaceuticals, I opted to find a “Dr. Tennant” in Utah (where I live).

Enter Dr. Schmutz and Integrative Medica...

I am very pleased and impressed with my care under the direction of Dr. Jacob Schmutz. He provides a personal approach adapted to each individual’s needs. During my initial stages of treatment, I spent a lot of time in Dr. Schmutz’s office. I had the opportunity to interact with a number of different patients having a variety of health issues and challenges...Each person I met always expressed positive results with their treatments, and I can definitely say I have had positive results. I won’t lie though, it hasn’t always been fun...I have been asked to radically change my diet. For me food is often connected and used in coping with emotion. For a length of time, in the initial stages of treatment, I also took lots of time each week from my available hours in a day to receive IV treatments. I still swallow a lot of supplements every day (related to the Rheumatoid Arthritis and some mental health issues)...and hardest of all, insurance never covers anything. With all this said, I still think I am far better off than I would be if I had taken popular pharmaceuticals. I am healthier, and have lost tons of weight. My medical vital records used to always say morbidly obese, now I am normal weight. It takes time to put those first “fires” out and restore gut health, but it works...

Always remember, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to health...nutrition, gut health, dental health, toxins, emotion, stress, organic pathogens, voltage/energy pathway integrity, etc. I do my best to control these things with the guidance of Dr. Schmutz, but occasionally, I still end up with “fires” in my body... These fires" can incapacitate me for a while, but between Dr. Schmutz's sound protocols and some ibuprofen, I am able to put the "fires" out again.

One last thing I should also mention is that part of my initial healing protocol, as recommended by my cousin (who now, so impressed/touched/inspired by Dr. Tennant’s lifesaving services to him, is now a doctor himself working with Dr. Tennant at his institute in Texas), involved addressing one of the root causes for a lot of health problems, my teeth. I went to Dr. Wall’s & Dr. Baker’s biological dental clinic in Bountiful, UT and had some amalgams removed and a cavitation issue resolved (from prior wisdom tooth extraction) prior to my first appointment with Dr. Schmutz. It was a surprise to me when I was carrying my folder from the biological dental treatment office with me into Dr. Schmutz’s office how Dr. Schmutz recognized it. It turns out that Dr. Schmutz and Dr. Wall work with each other to help their you might be referred to Dr. Wall to address your teeth if Dr. Schmutz determines it will be necessary and beneficial to restoration of your health. "



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