Denise M Story Continued


"I had many other unexplained symptoms. The itchy rashes on my wrists and neck, pressure in my lungs, and chest pain. Some days I experienced tingling in my arms and legs. Then there were the stomach issues. Everything I ate caused sharp abdominal pain and symptoms of IBS. Brain fog was my daily companion.   Within 3 months from onset, these conditions caused me to quit my job and to lose my ability to accomplish many daily tasks because of the fatigue and pain.

Each doctor I saw prescribed a medication for the symptom but without success in clearing it up. My family doctor diagnosed me with an auto immune disorder, and possibly Multiple Sclerosis. I tried over the counter remedies and some prescriptions. Ultimately, I just wanted to know why my body was doing these things and how to heal myself instead of just treating symptoms forever.

After much searching, I found Dr. Schmutz. I was very pleased with how he carefully researched my conditions to find the root causes. After some tests, he prescribed an individualized treatment plan, which included a clean diet, as well as a list of foods that I am sensitive to and should avoid. He recommended several supplements to heal my immune system, and leaky gut, as well as IV therapies. Dr. Schmutz was there every step of the way to make sure I was doing well. I appreciated how he explained the science behind the treatments. After two months, my symptoms lessened, and by six months the treatments he prescribed were successful in restoring my energy and ability to move without pain! The other symptoms also cleared up! It was amazing to have my life back again! I am so grateful for a doctor that is interested in healing the body rather than just masking symptoms.

  I believe Dr. Schmutz and his office truly care about restoring health to the individual. They are thoughtful, and willing to listen and answer my questions. My experience was comforting and healing. I continue to turn to Dr. Schmutz for his knowledge and quality care. I have met several other patients there who travel long distances, even from out of state to receive treatment from Dr. Schmutz. I recommend him to my family, my friends, and anyone who is searching for better solutions to their health."



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