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Integrative Oncology

What is Integrative Oncology:

It is the combination of alternative medical therapies in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. For example, certain alternative cancer therapies can increase the effectiveness and decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Also it provides patients with researched and innovative therapies that can help patients that haven’t responded well to conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation or patients that are looking for an alternative approach to treat their cancer. Integrative Oncology also focuses on providing preventive treatments to keep the cancer from returning and causing further harm.


Integrative Medica’s Approach to Cancer:

First, Dr. Schmutz and his team work on identifying the potential causes of an individual’s cancer. This is done by thorough questioning, physical exam, and laboratory testing. After the cause is identified, a treatment plan is prescribed to eliminate the causes of the patients cancer.

Second, Dr. Schmutz and his team devise the best researched and effective therapies to attack the cancer. This is done in conjunction with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy or if patient doesn’t want to do conventional treatments alternative therapies are prescribed. This is usually done through diet, herbs, nutrients, and I.V. Procedures.

Third, A preventive treatment plan is prescribed to help prevent the recurrence of cancer.

Therapies Provided at Integrative Medica:
High Dose I.V. Vitamin C
Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
Ozone Therapy
Mistletoe Therapy
I.V. Artesunate
I.V. Glutathione
I.V. Vitamin Mineral Bags
I.V. Glycerrhizic Acid