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About Integrative Medica

The doctors at Integrative Medica have gone to medical school and have received specialized training in integrative medicine. They combine the best of both conventional and alternative medicine to treat their patients effectively. Our doctors choose to follow the philosophical model of naturopathy, which involves the diagnoses of an individual’s disease, identifying the cause, and stimulating the innate healing mechanisms of the human body to bring about a cure. Once the cause is identified, treated, and the patient presents with no more symptoms the disease is considered cured.

Unlike our integrative approach, conventional medical doctors follow the philosophical model of allopathy, which involves the diagnoses of an individual’s disease. Treatment with either a drug or surgery is used to eliminate the symptoms, not rid yourself of the disease. If the symptoms of the disease are eliminated the disease is cured according to the allopathic model.

The skills that the doctors at Integrative Medica have in diet, medical nutrition, nutraceuticals, botanical and pharmaceutical medications makes them well equipped in treating any long lasting debilitating condition such as we have listed under our Conditions Treated page.

We are sure that we can help you control or eliminate the disease you are burdened with as well as bring about a complete and whole body healing.


about doctor jake schmutz

About Dr. Jake Schmutz

Dr. Schmutz is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and has been trained in the best of both conventional and alternative medicine. The combination of both fields of medicine equips him with the skills needed to treat long acting debilitating conditions.

Ever since Dr. Jacob Schmutz was five years old he wanted to be a doctor and he has pursued this goal ever since. He became interested in integrative medicine while finishing up his Bachelors degree at Brigham Young University. He then went on to medical school at Bastyr University, one of the few medical schools in the country, which offers specialized training in both conventional and alternative medicine.

Through Dr. Schmutz’s specialized naturopathic medical training, he has learned how to stimulate the innate healing mechanisms of the human body and find the underlying cause of a specific disease. He has received training in medical nutrition, diet and lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, and osseous and soft tissue manipulation. As in all medical schools he received extensive training in diagnostics, pharmacology, and minor surgery. Dr. Schmutz received post doctoral training in I.V. nutrient therapy, prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, neural therapy, visceral manipulation, and neurocranial restructuring. He specializes in pain management, autoimmune disease,  irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic disease. He is passionate about truly helping patients conquer their disease. There is nothing that brings more happiness to him than seeing a patient that has suffered for years achieve optimum health and well being.

Dr. Schmutz lives with his wife and four children in Alpine, Utah.