Tackle Ligament and Tendon Problems With Prolozone Therapy

It’s easy to assume that surgery or risky pain relievers are your only option when you have painful ligament and tendon problems. But our team sees things very differently.

At Integrative Medica, we take a holistic approach to medical care at our Salt Lake City, Utah, office and other offices. It starts with accurately diagnosing and identifying the cause of your ailment. We then provide both conventional and alternative medicines to ensure you get the most effective treatment possible.

If you have a soft tissue problem, like a ligament or tendon issue, here’s how prolozone therapy can help. 

Prolozone therapy basics

One of our main goals at Integrative Medica is healing your body instead of just masking your symptoms. One approach we rely on is prolozone therapy.

This therapy combines three scientific concepts: neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. It involves injecting specific combinations of medications and oxygen gas — ozone — into the area of your body that’s damaged. 

A prolozone injection often includes:

When injected at the site of your injury, this therapeutic injection helps activate the healing process in your body. It helps replace damaged or diseased tissue with new, healthy cells.

How prolozone therapy works

The secret to prolozone therapy is how it causes a mild inflammatory response at the injection site. This process activates your body’s natural healing response so growth factors cluster in the area, triggering new cell growth and collagen production.

Its ability to heal and restore function makes it a highly valuable, more natural tool for providing pain relief. We recommend prolozone therapy at Integrative Medica for numerous problems, such as:

Plus, it’s so successful with pain relief that it can often eliminate your need for surgery or risky pain medications.

What to expect during prolozone therapy 

The first step is a comprehensive physical exam so we can get to the root cause of your pain. After determining the prolozone therapy is the best option, you relax on the exam table while we numb the treatment site so you remain completely comfortable throughout your injections.

Prolozone therapy typically involves several injections at the treatment site to activate the healing process. You may have minor redness or swelling after getting your shots, but you can return to normal activity immediately.

For the best results, we usually recommend a series of treatments, sometimes in combination with other holistic therapies. However, you can often experience a 50%-80% reduction in pain after a single treatment. 

You don’t have to live with pain, risk taking addictive medications, or undergo surgery to tackle your ligament and tendon problems. Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, office to learn more about prolozone therapy by calling 801-406-1939 or book an appointment online today.

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