Myths and Facts About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men or women going through the hormonal fluctuations that accompany andropause or menopause may wonder whether they’ll ever feel normal again. Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may give you pause because of the life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease associated with it. 

There’s an alternative available: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses hormones derived from natural plant compounds, like wild yams, that function the same way as your natural hormones.

Numerous myths surround the efficacy and safety of BHRT. At Integrative Medica in Salt Lake City, Utah, our providers use a holistic, integrative, and practical approach to medicine. When it comes to troublesome hormones, rather than masking symptoms with medication, we work to restore the underlying imbalances or conditions that cause your symptoms to arise

Take a few moments as we share a few myths and facts about BHRT so you can decide if it could be the right treatment for you.

Myth: BHRT isn’t safe

Fact: No study has shown that BHRT is unsafe. While traditional HRT has been associated with an increased risk for cancer and heart disease, researchers question the link between HRT and those conditions because some participants were already in poor health.

Unlike conventional HRT, BHRT is synthesized from plant sources to mimic the structure of human hormones. Because BHRT is “bioidentical” to human hormones, your body tolerates them better. 

Myth: It’s better to suffer through imbalances

Fact: Menopause and andropause symptoms aren’t just an inconvenience. Unbalanced hormones can be detrimental to your overall health and well-being. Hormonal imbalances can cause severe symptoms such as:

At Integrative Medica, your provider determines your current hormone levels with blood tests. We use those results to create individualized BHRT recommendations to balance your hormones, helping to restore your overall wellness. 

Myth: BHRT is too “New Age”

Fact: Some forms of BHRT are FDA-approved, and all BHRT powders available at compounding laboratories come from pharmaceutical company laboratories. The difference between BHRT and HRT is that the BHRT dosage is based on your individual biology, rather than a standard, one-size-fits-all prescription.

Myth: You only need BHRT once

Fact: At Integrative Medica, we’re committed to your ongoing health and wellness. We evaluate your progress regularly to ensure your BHRT is providing the benefits you sought and that you’re responding well to treatment. Depending on your results and unique needs, we adjust the dosage or components of your BHRT accordingly.

When you’re on BHRT, you should feel noticeably happier and healthier. When BHRT is working optimally, you experience clear benefits such as:

If you’d like to restore healthy hormonal balance with BHRT, the team at Integrative Medica can help. Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, office to schedule an appointment or use online booking today! You can also send a message to our team here on the website.

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