How the Myers’ Cocktail Can Give Your Immune System a Boost This Winter

November is here, and with the colder weather comes the beginning of this year’s cold and flu season. No one wants to get sick, and this year, the COVID-19 global pandemic makes staying healthy even more important. 

Washing your hands frequently, getting lots of sleep, and eating healthy foods all help fight off the bugs and viruses of the season. But your best defense against infection is making sure your immune system is as strong as possible. 

At the Integrative Medica office in Salt Lake City, Utah, our doctors are committed to helping you live your healthiest life — during the months of the cold and flu and all year long. Jacob Schmutz, NMD, and Joshua Hersh, NMD, offer IV therapy — including the immunity-boosting Myers’ cocktail.

Take a moment to learn more about the Myers’ cocktail and how it can give your immune system a boost in time for this year’s cold and flu season.

How important is boosting my immune system this winter?

The nutrients gained from what you eat and drink make up one of the most important factors in keeping your body healthy and well. 

Balanced nutrition allows your body’s natural repair and regeneration processes to operate at their best. It also improves your ability to fight off colds and other viral infections, like the flu and COVID-19, by keeping your immune system operating at peak levels. 

When you don’t take in the proper nutrients, your risk of contracting bugs and viruses increases. But eating perfectly balanced meals and snacks all year long can be a challenge. 

IV therapy, like a Myers’ cocktail at Integrative Medica, provides the balanced nutrition you need to augment your natural resistance against infections.

What is a Myers’ cocktail?

The exact doses and concentrations of vitamins and minerals in your Myers’ cocktail may vary among patients as Dr. Schmutz and Dr. Hersh customize the mix based on your unique needs. 

Despite the individual variations in amounts and concentration, the mix always contains the following essential ingredients:


Magnesium is an amazing biological powerhouse. This mineral assists in over 300 vital bodily processes, including many different aspects of the immune system. 

For example, research demonstrates that magnesium plays a central role in regulating the inflammatory response, activating cells in your immune system to unlock your immune system when under attack. 


Most people know calcium is important for strong bones. But calcium also plays a central role in activating the cells of your immune system. With these cells activated, your immune system is ready to fight infection faster. 

Vitamin B12 and B complex 

In addition to promoting red blood cell growth, good eyesight, healthy digestion, and several other important functions, the B vitamins boost your metabolism and energy levels, helping you stay active and avoid fatigue. 

These vitamins also play a central role in maintaining your immune system. When levels are low, you’re at higher risk of getting an infection.

Vitamin C

It’s not a secret that vitamin C supports your immune system. But not many people realize just how involved this vitamin is. By encouraging the production of white blood cells, your body’s disease fighters, vitamin C helps to keep you protected.

But that’s not all. Vitamin C also protects white blood cells from damage to free radicals and is an essential factor in your skin’s defense system, which helps to keep infections away. 

In addition, studies indicate that pneumonia patients are typically low in vitamin C, suggesting it plays a role in protecting your lungs against infection.  

Why choose the Myers’ cocktail over supplements?

While many of the vitamins and minerals listed above may be available as oral supplements, they aren’t as effective as the Myers’ cocktail. That’s because the benefit of the Myers’ cocktail is in the delivery system. 

Oral supplements need to travel through your digestive system before the nutrients reach your bloodstream. And because some are lost during the natural digestive process, fewer nutrients are available for absorption, reducing their benefit. 

The Myers’ cocktail delivers these essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This delivery method increases your absorption of the nutrients and gives you a variety of health benefits, including:

Since it can reduce brain fog, the Myers’ cocktail also boosts your cognitive performance. This helps you stay alert and active during the colder, darker winter months, keeping you healthy and making it easier for your body to fight infection.

It’s important to get the Myers’ cocktail from experienced medical professionals like the compassionate team at Integrative Medica. If you’re ready to boost your immune system this winter, contact our office in Salt Lake City, Utah, by calling 801-406-1939 or book online now.

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