Feeling Tired? Reasons Why You Could Be Fatigued

Feeling Tired? Reasons Why You Could Be Fatigued

You wake up first thing in the morning, and you can already tell that today will be another long day of feeling tired, even though you should have gotten enough sleep the night before. Or, maybe fatigue doesn’t hit you until later in the day, but once it does, your weariness quickly becomes debilitating, interfering with work, school, family, and other parts of your life.

Why do you feel so fatigued? Fatigue can even become a chronic issue, affecting you for an extended time. At Integrative Medica, we’re here to help. Led by naturopathic physicians Dr. Jake Schmutz and Dr. Joshua Hersh in our Salt Lake City, Utah office, our team supports you in understanding and managing your fatigue. 

We provide treatment and specialize in chronic fatigue and help people recover from the effects of fatigue. Come work with us to get your energy back! 

Here are some of the most common causes of fatigue in our new and existing patients.

When fatigue becomes a medical problem

Feeling extra tired every so often is a normal part of life. That’s not what people who suffer from fatigue experience.

If you’re living with fatigue, feelings of exhaustion can make it all but impossible to get through your daily routine. Trying to spend time socializing or pursuing activities you enjoy may leave you feeling drained, not recharged. 

Fatigue negatively affects your ability to concentrate, makes you more prone to irritation and depression, and even slows down your physical reflexes. And, when it comes to fatigue, sleeping more won’t fix the problem. You don’t wake up refreshed and energized but exhausted and unmotivated.

It can be confusing living with fatigue as you try to understand the cause of your symptoms. That said, fatigue isn’t a condition but a symptom of other medical conditions or physical deficiencies. At Integrative Medica, we work with you to help you figure out why you feel so exhausted by identifying the underlying causes of your fatigue.

Understanding your fatigue

Some people deal with fatigue as a result of poor lifestyle habits. Your health and well-being can suffer if you don’t eat a healthy diet, get enough exercise, or practice good sleep hygiene. Some nutritional deficiencies, like anemia, result in chronic fatigue. It also matters how you handle stress in your day-to-day life when it comes to your energy levels.

You may also have an underlying medical condition. Chronic fatigue is a symptom of medical conditions, including:

Your medical treatment could even cause fatigue if you take antihistamines for allergies or undergo chemotherapy for cancer.

Treating your fatigue

The specialists at Integrative Medica are here to help you address your fatigue. Our team of naturopathic physicians starts with a comprehensive history and physical, plus diagnostic testing as needed to determine the underlying cause of your fatigue symptoms.

Once we know what’s causing your exhaustion, we can provide treatments to restore your energy levels. You might benefit from treatment options, such as diet and lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplements, exercise support, hormone replacement therapy, or therapy for depression or anxiety. 

If your fatigue is related to cancer or cancer treatment, we provide integrative oncology support.

To get the expertise you need to diagnose and treat your fatigue, contact the team at Integrative Medica today by calling or scheduling an appointment online for your initial consultation.

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