6 Benefits of IV Therapy

If you’re familiar with intravenous (IV) therapy, you probably know it’s used in hospital settings to deliver fluids and medications. However, IV therapy also has benefits outside of the emergency room.

Integrative Medica offers IV therapy to help boost the wellness of our patients and keep them out of the emergency room. 

From managing pain to improving overall wellness, IV therapy provides a range of health benefits. We’ve narrowed down this comprehensive list to these six impressive benefits.

1. Energy boost

Whether you’re drained from a 10-hour workday or you have a chronic illness, IV therapy can give you the energy boost you need.

IV therapy skips your digestive tract and delivers essential nutrients straight to your cells. Your cells can quickly absorb the nutrients, resulting in a massive energy boost.

2. Instant hydration

One of the main reasons people receive IVs in a hospital is for hydration. Your body can absorb water much faster when it’s delivered through an IV. Many athletes choose IV therapy after finishing intense workouts. 

IV therapy can also help your body heal when you’re recovering from an illness that dehydrates your body, like the flu.

3. Chronic pain relief

Sometimes taking medications by mouth isn’t enough to provide the pain relief you need. For starters, it takes your body longer to absorb oral medications. 

Your digestive tract has to break down your medications to absorb them. Several factors can affect your body’s ability to properly absorb these medications, so you may not always get the full effects.

IV therapy delivers medication straight to your bloodstream, so you experience more pain relief at a faster rate. 

One study provided 233 patients with different types of medication through IV therapy. Each patient had instant relief after their first therapy session. Furthermore, 94% of the participants returned for a follow-up visit, with 60% of them experiencing prolonged pain relief.

4. Stronger immune system

A weak immune system makes you more susceptible to infection and illness. Some medical conditions can cause immune deficiencies. Lifestyle choices, such as smoking, can also weaken your immune system.

Some types of IV therapy, such as the Myer’s Cocktail, provide your body with several key vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B and C. You can also add zinc, an essential mineral known for improving immune function, to your IV infusion.

5. Athletic performance

You know how important it is to hydrate after exercise, but your body needs more than that to avoid injury and properly recover.

After a grueling workout or intense training program, your muscles lose large amounts of electrolytes and other important nutrients. IV therapy treatments can help your body replenish these lost minerals, which supports muscle recovery while also rehydrating your body.

6. Customization

One of the best benefits of IV therapy is customization. Our providers here at Integrative Medica work with you to find the right type of IV therapy to meet your needs and goals. You can also choose to add extra vitamins and minerals to your infusion.

Learn more about IV therapy

The benefits of IV therapy aren’t limited to the ones mentioned here. IV therapy is a great way to boost your wellness, lessen allergies, and improve symptoms of chronic diseases.

To find out more about IV therapy and the many benefits it offers, get in touch with Integrative Medica. Schedule your appointment by phone, or book your consultation online. 

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