5 Reasons Ozone Therapy May Be Right for You

5 Reasons Ozone Therapy May Be Right for You

Ozone therapy is an alternative treatment that boosts the amount of oxygen cells use. 

Ozone is a specific type of oxygen with a third atom that the body can use in several ways to fight infections, lower inflammation, and slow down aging.

At Integrative Medica, in Salt Lake City, our experts believe in empowering the body to heal in a holistic manner starting at the cellular level. Ozone therapy doesn’t involve any drugs or medications. It introduces ozone into the body by means of an IV drip.  

Once in the bloodstream, ozone generates a mild stress response in the cells, and this stimulates the adaptive antioxidant response that neutralizes oxidative stress. 

How long does it take for ozone therapy to kick in? For most oxygenation patients, the treatment follows a course of 6-10 sessions. Typically, ozone therapy patients will see an improvement in their condition within the first three or four treatments.

If you’re looking to boost your health, here are five ways ozone therapy can help. Ozone therapy:

1. Heals a dysfunctional immune system 

Some people's immune system is either overactive, which means it attacks cells it shouldn't attack, or underactive, which means it’s unable to defend the body against pathogens and viruses. 

Your immune system works best when your cells use oxygen properly. Oxygenation increases when ozone is delivered into your bloodstream, helping regulate your immune system.

2. Fights fatigue

It’s no secret that energy levels are related to how efficiently the body uses oxygen. When your system is low on oxygen, you feel tired. Fatigue sets in sooner when your lungs can't properly inhale and exhale air. This sets up a worrisome cycle. When you're left feeling lethargic because of a lack of oxygen, you're less likely to engage in physical activity.

Ozone therapy increases oxygen levels, so your heart and lungs work more efficiently and your energy levels rise.

3. Lowers inflammation 

In short bursts, inflammation is vital to the healing process, as it increases blood supply to the affected area. Your blood carries white blood cells, which fight pathogens, and growth factors that support healing.

However, low-grade inflammation doesn't go away on its own even after the threat is gone, and this chronic inflammation is linked to cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

Sometimes low-grade inflammation is the response to everyday pollutants found in the air and food. Ozone therapy mobilizes your antioxidant defenses to fight off inflammation.

It can be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, since inflammation can bedevil the joints as well. For those plagued by osteoarthritis, ozone therapy can be applied to lessen pain and restore range of motion.

4. Fights off chronic pain

Ozone therapy may be useful for people who are suffering from back pain and knee injuries. Ozone therapy might help with pain because it improves cellular functioning, thus speeding up healing.

5. Treats infections

If you’re prone to infections, ozone therapy is a wonderful choice, as it harms the integrity of bacteria, viruses, and fungi cells, destroying their reproductive cycle.

Learn more about ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a holistic way of improving health, and it has many uses. If you’re looking to improve your health holistically without the use of medications, contact Integrative Medica to schedule an appointment. We’ll teach you more about ozone therapy and help you determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.

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