10 Reasons You May Benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are typically associated with treating decompression sickness, usually as a result of a scuba diving trip gone wrong. But this type of controlled oxygen environment has many other medical uses and benefits.

The caring providers at Integrative Medica are dedicated to offering the best in healing therapies to our patients in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our comprehensive line of services includes the most effective holistic treatments and interventions to help you recover from injury and illness and boost your overall wellness. 

To help you better understand the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it works, we’ve put together this informative article. 

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a unique treatment that uses pure oxygen to address many different conditions. Although it’s best known for treating decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning, this cutting-edge therapy has been approved for use in dealing with an array of other issues. 

HBOT works by increasing the amount of oxygen to areas of the body that could benefit from its healing benefits. A threefold boost in air pressure enables your lungs to bring in more oxygen than normal. 

Aside from increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches damaged tissues, HBOT also helps to prevent damage from harmful oxygen radicals, can block harmful bacteria and boost your immune system, and encourages the production of collagen and new skin cell formation.

Why might I benefit from HBOT?

To function at your best, your body needs an adequate supply of oxygen. When you have an injury or illness, you require even more oxygen for your affected tissues to survive. HBOT provides a temporary boost of oxygen to restore normal levels of gases in your blood and to promote healing. 

Your provider at Integrative Medica may recommend HBOT as part of your treatment plan if you have one of the following symptoms or conditions:

  1. Side effects from cancer treatments
  2. Headaches or chronic fatigue
  3. Depression or other mental health issues
  4. Chronic pain, an injury from sports, or other wounds
  5. A history of inflammation
  6. Diabetes or neuropathy
  7. Memory issues or neurological problems
  8. Behavioral problems
  9. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  10. Autism or cerebral palsy

And this list is just the beginning! HBOT is a noninvasive, holistic treatment option that can tame symptoms associated with almost any injury or illness. 

What can I expect from HBOT?

Once the team at Integrative Medica determines you’re a good candidate for HBOT, you can set an appointment for treatment. We check your vitals and bring you to a special tube where you lie down and relax while elevated levels of oxygen are delivered to your body. 

Your provider determines the duration you spend in treatment and the number of treatments you should receive for optimal benefits based on your condition and symptoms. After treatment, you may feel a little tired but can resume your normal activities immediately. 

We sometimes recommend you combine HBOT treatments with other holistic therapies to maximize your health without the need for medicines that bring unwanted side effects or surgeries, which carry risks and require long periods of downtime and recovery.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of HBOT? Contact the Integrative Medica office in Salt Lake City, Utah, at 801-406-1939 or book online now! You can also send a message to the team any time here on our website.

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