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Pycnogenol 50mg 90t


Pycnogenol 50mg 90t is available by Douglas Laboratories.

HEALTH FUNCTION: Antioxidants, Circulation

Pycnogenol (50 mg.)

A Dietary Supplement

90 Tablets

More Info:
The premier pine bark extract. Only genuine, 100% pure Pycnogenol - a patented French maritime pine bark extract (Pinus maritima) from Horphag Research, Ltd.- is used in Douglas Laboratories Pycnogenol tablets. Its mixture of proanthocyanidins, organic acids, and other naturallyoccurring compounds posseses potent antioxidant action. These nutrients also help support the circulatory blood vessel and capillary system as well as our connective tissue system that is responsible for healthy joint function. Pycnogenol contains proanthocyanidins and other bioactive compounds, which together account for its valuable benefits. It can be taken daily for enhanced protection against cell-damaging free radicals.

Supplemental Facts:
Each 50 mg. quick release tablet is scored to easily adjust dietary intake as needed.


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