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Proantho-cyanidins 90c


Proanthocyanadins 90c is available by Pharmax.

Features & benefits
Proanthocyanadins should be used as part of an integrated antioxidant supplementation program.
Potent combination of mixed proanthocyanadins
Potent free radical scavenging
May protect against heart disease and artherosclerosis
Boosts the immune system
May prevent premature cell ageing

Proanthocyanadins are a notable class of flavonoid phyto antioxidants. They are concentrated in the skin of dark colored fruits and also in the bark of some plants, notably pine trees.

Proanthocyanadins have potent free radical quenching activity being vigorous neutralizers of even the most potent free radicals such as the hydroxyl radical, superoxide anion, the peroxynitrite radical and excessive nitric oxide. It is likely that this is the reasoning behind red wine showing benefits in preventing heart disease. (Mojzisova et al. 2001: Flesch. 2001

Proanthocyanadins are also showing very good results in boosting the immune system and in preventing premature ageing of cells.

Typically, per capsule
Blackberry powder ...125mg
(Rubus villosus)
Blackcurrant powder ...125mg
(Ribes nigrum)
Blueberry powder ...125mg
(Vaccinium myrtillus)
Blackcherry powder ...125mg
(Prunus cerasus)
(All of the above ingredients provide a total of 100g proanthocyanadins per capsule)
Pine bark extract ...10mg

providing 9.5mg oligoproanthocyanadins (OPC)

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