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finest pure fish oil - emulsified 200ml


Finest Pure Fish Oil/Emulsified 200ml is available by Pharmax.

Features & benefits
Finest Pure Fish Oil-Emulsified is made from pharmaceutical grade fish oil that contains a high concentration of EPA and DHA.
There are no detectable levels of mercury and heavy metals and PAHs and PCBs are in compliance with the strictest European and North American standards.
Emulsified for significantly improved absorption
Each 5ml dose contains 1125mg of omega-3 fatty acids, with 525mg EPA and 375mg DHA
The form of fish oil which should be considered for individuals with compromised lipid digestion. Virtually no fishy taste or odor.

Finest Pure Fish Oil - Emulsified is made by applying the unique WisdOM-3 process to our ultrapure Finest Pure Fish Oil. The improved absorption provided by the WisdOM-3 process means that the same level of EPA and DHA will be absorbed from a teaspoon of Emulsified Finest Pure Fish Oil as from the Finest Pure Fish Oil, despite containing lower levels of these omega-3 fatty acids. Except for individuals with compromised lipid digestion, who would benefit most from this emulsified form, the choice between the traditional form of the Finest Pure Fish Oil and the Emulsified Finest Pure Fish Oil is down to taste.

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