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Dandelion Combo #1 60ml


Dandelion Combination #1 is a unique formula containing synergistic herbs known for their effectiveness in cleansing, protecting and normalizing hepatic cells and functions. Research shows that stress, narcotics, alcohol, environmental pollutants and chemotherapeutics intoxicate the liver, leading to hormonal imbalances, headaches and immune suppression. Dandelion Combination #1 is indicated for liver conditions, such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, sclerosis and jaundice, and for alcohol and narcotic abuse, allergies and headaches. Product ideal for vegans. 
Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion)    
Carduus marianus (Milk Thistle)    
Chelidonium majus (Celandine)    
Chelone glabra (Turtlehead)    
Geranium maculatum (Spotted Cranesbill)

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