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Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver & Kidney


A therapeutic approach encouraging physiological function of the emunctories. It facilitates the emunctories through deep intra and extracellular elimination while respecting natural physiology.

Liver & Kidney 
Traditionally used to support/ protect the liver and kidneys –the body’s detoxifying and waste filtration systems.*

Package includes:
• UNDA Numbered Compound 1
Liver function and kidney anti-inflammatory*

• UNDA Numbered Compound 20
Kidney anti-inflammatory*

• UNDA Numbered Compound 243
Liver pain relief and intestinal purging*

Black Currant Bud Hepaprotective properties. Adrenal stimulator.*

Unda #1
Each Drop Contains
Millefoilium (yarrow) whole plant
 ... 4x
Uva-Ursi (bearberry) leaf ... 4x
Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) root ... 4x
Equisetum arvense (Common horsetail) stem ... 4x
Lycopodium clavatum (clubnose) spore ... 4x
Terebinthina laricina Balsam ... 5x
Argentum metallicum (silver) ... 12x

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Ethanol (beet), purified water

Unda# 20

Each drop Contains:
Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust) bark of young twigs
 ... 4x
Jacaranda caroba Flower ... 4x
Condurango Bark ... 4x
Sabina (savin) twig ... 4x
Calendula officinalis (Marigold) Flowering Tops ... 4x
Argentum metallicum (silver) ... 12x
Aluminium metallicum (aluminum) ... 12x
Aurum metallicim (gold) ... 12x
Arsenicum album (arsenic trioxide) ... 12x

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Ethanol (beet), purified water

Black Currant Bud: 
Each drop contains: 
Black Currant (Ribes nigrum) Bud Extract (1:20)
 ... 0.028ml
1.4 mg Dried Equivalent

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Purified water, ethanol (grain), glycerin

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