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This is what happens when you're properly hydrated January 29 2018

Are you drinking enough water? If not, you are definitely missing out on all of the benefits that result from being properly hydrated. Our body needs water to function properly. When our body starts to run low on water, we begin to experience negative symptoms of dehydration such as headaches and fatigue. This is what happens when you're properly hydrated:

Stronger immune system: Your immune system cannot be at its best when your body doesn't have the water it needs. On the other hand, when you are hydrated, you're less likely to be sick from the common cold and other illnesses. Your body will be better equipped to eliminate waste and other things that are harmful to your body. All of your organs from your kidneys to your heart will be stronger and function properly.

Greater energy levels: Are you feeling tired every day of the week? If you're getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly, the factor you may be missing is adequate hydration. Only drinking milk or orange juice won't get the job done. You need pure, clean water. Since your body is mostly water, you will

Improved mental focus: Your brain is approximately 70-80 percent water. When you're dehydrated and haven't been drinking water, your mental focus suffers. Staying hydrated and drinking water hourly will help you stay sharp and study for your next test.

Peak physical performance: You simply cannot achieve your highest physical fitness goals if you are not hydrated. Water helps your body perform at its best whether you are a competitive gymnast, powerlifter, or a part of a roller derby team. When you're hydrated, you experience many benefits such as a shorter recovery time from training sessions, lower probability of being dehydrated, improved mental focus, and lower chances of injury.

Now that you've read four of the benefits that come from proper hydration, you know what you're missing out on when you don't drink enough water. Here are a few things you can do to drink water regularly:

  • Bring a water bottle with you to work
  • Add a slice of lemon to your bottle of water if you need a bit of flavor
  • Set a reminder every hour during your workday/school day to drink water

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20 ways to stay healthy January 15 2018

Your health is everything. Staying healthy helps you have the energy you need to work and play. Here are twenty simple ways that will improve your health:

  1. Sleep at least 7-9 hours each night: Your body needs sleep to perform at its best. Some of the benefits of sleep include injury recovery, weight management, and improved memory.
  2. Wash hands regularly: After doing things like preparing food in your kitchen or using the bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly. It'll help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria from you to everyone around you.
  3. Clean your home: At least once a week, clean your home. It's important to sanitize your bathroom and other spaces to prevent unwanted odors and kill germs. Vacuuming your home will help eliminate dust and other particles that can aggravate your lungs and nasal passages.
  4. Exercise regularly: If you're sedentary, gradually increase your frequency of workouts to prevent injury and help your body get stronger. Are you already working out 3 times a week? You can step up your game by working out 4 times a week or increasing your workout time from 30 minutes to 40 minutes per workout.
  5. Reduce sugar intake: Your body will thank you for following this tip. Here are a few ways to reduce your sugar intake: ask for water instead of orange juice when eating breakfast at a restaurant, limit yourself to one soda a week instead drinking soda every day, snack on carrots instead of candy.
  6. Reduce alcohol intake or stop completely: Drinking alcohol takes a toll on your body and can impair your judgment. Putting an end to your alcohol intake will ensure that you're always able to drive.
  7. Work with a professional to stop smoking: What if you could save money and improve your health at the same time? Ending your smoking addiction will save you money and improve your health. Your lungs, as well as the rest of your body, will thank you.
  8. Skip the fast food runs: Late night binges are not worth it in the long run. One way to avoid the late night fast food runs is to drink water after dinner and get start your bedtime routine by 9 p.m.
  9. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to get vitamins such as vitamin C. A variety of tasty produce will give you many of the nutrients you need to stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system.
  10. Teach your children how to wash their hands: Do your children know how and when to wash their hands? If not, now is the time to teach them.
  11. Get some sunlight: Vitamin D helps you feel positive and optimistic. Even in the winter time, being outside when the sun is out can help you feel better since your body is able to manufacture vitamin D from sunlight. Simple tasks outside like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow give you the opportunity to be under the sun.
  12. Try new recipes that call for healthier ingredients: Are you tired of eating the same things every week? Do some research and look up delicious recipes that call for healthy ingredients. You can even ask friends on social media what their favorite healthy recipes are. Preparing your own meals will give yourself a better idea of what you're putting in your body.
  13. Meditate: Taking even just five or ten minutes a day to focus on one thing is a simple way to feel mentally energized. You can also take a walk in the woods or sit by a lake and ponder since being in nature is an effective way to clear your mind.
  14. Take a walk: Go for around the block with a friend or family member a few times a week. It's a great way to chat and unwind mentally while getting some exercise. Getting a little fresh air for 10-20 minutes during the workday is an effective way to feel rejuvenated and energized.
  15. Pay attention to your health: Use a notebook or an app to track weight changes, how you feel mentally and emotionally, sleep patterns, as well as physical activity. This information will help you stay on top of how you're doing well and what things you need to change.
  16. Partner with a friend: Working with a friend or family member to improve your health helps you stay accountable and on track. You're more likely to be motivated to improve since you also have a vested interest in the progress of your partner.
  17. Hydrate: Drink water regularly. Staying hydrated provides many benefits including improved brain function, prevention of constipation, and preventing heat stroke.
  18. Put your phone down and reduce screen time: Reducing overall screen time will give eyes and mind time to recover. The longer you're on your phone, the more difficult it will be to fall asleep at night. If you have to be in front of a computer for work, schedule regular breaks where you step away from your computer every 45 minutes to an hour to give your eyes a break for a minute or two. It'll reduce eye strain and headaches.
  19. Laugh: Loosening up and laughter decreases stress hormones and gives your immune system a boost. Even an occasional knock-knock joke that makes you chuckle is helpful.
  20. Make time for recreation: All work and no play is detrimental to your health. Schedule time slots in your calendar where you are doing something recreational whether it's playing a game of chess with a friend or going to a local music concert. Your body and mind will thank you for the break from the usual routine.

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Are you gluten intolerant? Here are five gluten-free options you'll love December 18 2017

Gluten-free options you'll love

Many restaurants offer gluten-free options and grocery stores now have gluten-free products. Many patients we've helped here at Integrative Medica with severe illnesses such as IBS have improved after eliminating gluten from their diet. If you're gluten-intolerant, the presence of these options makes you happy knowing you have choices. Here are five gluten-free options you love:

  1. Rice: A popular source of carbohydrates and nutrients for gluten intolerant individuals, rice is a great choice that can be used in many meals. You can pair rice with any protein such as fish and chicken. You can also make a tasty vegetable stir fry with gluten-free soy sauce. You don't have to limit yourself to regular long grain white rice. You can also try out different forms of brown rice and basmati rice.
  2. Corn: This popular gluten-free option is used in many dishes. Are you craving Mexican food? Corn tortillas are the way to go. When you're at a Mexican restaurant, always order your tacos with corn tortillas. Corn can be used in a variety of dishes from salads or even as a fun snack in the form of popcorn. Plain, fresh corn is always gluten-free but sometimes corn in its different forms may be prepared in recipes with gluten. When you're eating out at a restaurant or considering buying pre-packaged food with corn as the main ingredient, do your research and check if there has been cross-contamination.
  3. Beans: Beans such as black beans are packed with nutrition and can be used in many different recipes such as salads and soups. If you don't like seafood but want a lot of the nutrients found in seafood, black beans are a great choice for you. It's a good source of protein with little fat and is also high in magnesium and folic acid. Kidney beans are another bean option that provides needed nutrients that can be used in dips and stews. You can find kidney beans that are canned and pre-cooked. Kidney beans are also available in dried varieties.
  4. Soy: Did you know that pure soybeans do not have gluten? You can experience the benefits of soy in different forms from tofu to soy milk. Let's focus on tofu for a bit. Tofu is a popular, long-standing member of many Asian cuisines. With over 10 grams of protein per half-cup serving, tofu also will help you receive a healthy serving of iron and calcium. 
  5. Potato: Potatoes can be served in a variety of ways from french fries to baked potatoes to mashed potatoes. When you're traveling, be aware of the fact that not all potato dishes are gluten-free when you go out to eat at restaurants. When eating at a restaurant, ask to talk to a chef or manager to learn how potatoes are prepared since some recipes call for potatoes to be coated in butter and flour for extra crispiness.

Which ingredients are you going to try this week? Let us know in the comments!

Integrative Medica specializes in complementary and alternative medicine. Patients that come into Integrative Medica can feel comfortable that they are receiving the most effective alternative medicine treatments available. Contact us for your next appointment!